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Monday, December 28, Book Review: Mrs. Stars : 2 out of 5. Cons : Extremely weak mystery, poor characters, political lectures. I knew that Mrs.

Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante: A Maggie Hope Mystery

The day they arrive, Mrs. When Mrs. Roosevelt and Maggie go to her home, they find her lifeless body — an apparent suicide. However, Maggie finds a clue that implicates the First Lady. A scandal could disrupt the fledging alliance between the two countries and derail the war effort. Can Maggie learn the truth? These books have always been written in third person from multiple points of view.

At times, that has been used to help enhance the suspense as we know what the villain is up to even if Maggie is still unaware. It has also been used to include some sub-plots that slow things down.

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  • Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante: A Maggie Hope Mystery!

While most of the action takes place in DC and the surrounding areas, we get a good chunk that takes place in England and even some in Germany. Then, late in the book, a new location is introduced as well. None of these add to the mystery at all.

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Not that the mystery is that great either. Between the other storylines and the scenes that are just bringing history to life, we can go pages at a time without Maggie or us even thinking about it. The solution is rather abrupt as well. Really, the mystery, the things we are supposed to be reading this book for, is a sub-plot at best behind watching history unfold.

In the last book, we got some major character development that really enhanced Maggie.

Mrs. Roosevelt’s Confidante

I loved watching that. In this book?

Roosevelt, and why. What Maggie uncovers is a shocking conspiracy that could jeopardize American support for the war and leave the fate of the world hanging dangerously in the balance.

LeHand Home Movies: Missy LeHand and The Roosevelts

Praise for Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante "MacNeal paints an engrossing portrait of a country on the verge of war, with many laws suspended and prejudice rife--a world not that much different from today. Maggie is a wonderful character with the strength and determination, as well as intelligence, to make her a resourceful spy. There's a tremendous amount of world and U. The author continues to tackle heady issues while giving us a beloved heroine to root for.

Mr. Churchill's Secretary: MRS. ROOSEVELT'S CONFIDANTE: Inspired by the real-life Pauli Murray

Wrought with peril and tension and extraordinarily rich in detail and research, Hope's latest adventure will not disappoint fans of the series. Review to come this upcoming week but this was my favorite Maggie Hope book. Might be biased seeing as how it was set in DC.