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The ferry Harry and Anya are taking is the regular ferry servicing the islands of Suomenlinna fortress. The silhouette of its church is seen in the fog in scene. The villa is nowadays a museum and open to the public. Some of the interior scenes were probably filmed in the villa it was designed as a painting studio with large windows after all! Some of the paintings are visible also in the "making the love scene" picture on your site "Behind the scenes" section - ed.

The place where the small plane takes off and lands and takes Harry and Dr. Eiwort to Latvia was filmed at the airport of Malmi, North of Helsinki. The Ipcress File.

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Funeral in Berlin. Billion Dollar Brain. Bullet to Beijing. Midnight in St Petersburg. All Harry Palmer Movies.

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Harry's office can be found at Pentonville Road the blue door on the photo on the right. At the moment they are renovating the building. Harry walks to the telephone booth in Helsinki over the tracks of the famous green trams of Helsinki. The street is called Mannerheimintie.

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In the back you see the Eduskunta, the parliament building of Finland. Harry buys his warm gear in the famous Stockmann departmentstore which still exists. The wooden villa of Dr. Kaarna, where Harry finds the killed doctor, is still there. I put an arrow in the photo. Newbegin gets the order to kill an agent which appears to be Anya at the Uspensky Cathedral.

One of the fascinating things he talked about - which didn't make the edit - was this ludicrous idea that he just plays himself on screen. Rather, he said, he's a bit like Fred Astaire: "You see Gene Kelly running up the walls and you say, 'I couldn't do that', but then you watch Fred Astaire, and he makes it look so easy - and you think, 'I could do that'. Trust me, you couldn't.

The Billion Dollar Brain

And that's the same with my acting. The result is an uneven and poorly-paced series of set pieces that lurch between these opposite extremes without any apparent rhyme or reason, resulting in an unsatisfying mixture of downbeat, sardonic humor that's reminiscent of the first two films, and an attempt at Dr. Strangeloveian satire that fosters…. I wish I had picked a better Michael Caine film to celebrate his 80th birthday.

'Caine Below Zero' - the making of Billion Dollar Brain

Billion Dollar Brain is probably the poorest of the Harry Palmer films,but hey Caine still gets to shag a pretty girl and save the day. Featuring another ridiculous plot surrounding a super-computer and a looney American general intent on ridding the world of those pesky commies and you have an overblown mess.

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Caine tries to keep it together ably helped and hindered by a conniving Karl Malden in another cold-war paranoia-fest. Eggs with bacteria,a texan general with an army of guys dressed like gay-cowboys,dodgy Russians and a blonde bimbo who seems to fancy our Harry,this movie just got more silly by the minute.

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  • I'm not…. Part of my 5 Directors x 5 Unseen Films 19 challenge. British director Ken Russell gives us a spy thriller based upon the novel by Len Deighton. Ross offers a pay raise, but the gumshoe is disinclined to accept his offer. He's already got an assignment, delivering a certain "live" package to Helsinki. He doesn't trust her, so…. Fell asleep somewhere in the middle of this but it didn't make all that much difference to my enjoyment of Billion Dollar Brain because I didn't understand what was going on anyway. That said, the last quarter of an hour were completely mental as Ed Begley sends a squadron of recruits marching towards Latvia in an attempt to start up an anti-Commuism revolution.

    Which is laudable in theory although the execution sees him and his troops collapse through some ice on a frozen lake. Begley seems to be enjoying himself though, so there is that.

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    The hippies say you should do your own thing. Movies should too. We don't go to a Western expecting "Citizen Kane," but we do hope for a good Western. If we're disappointed, It's not because the movie wasn't a masterpiece but because it wasn't a Western. Same goes for spy movies, detective movies, musicals, the "Carry on Nurse" series and just about every other form not meant to be taken as art. What is fatal is…. Not quite as good as the first two Harry Palmer movies, mostly because the villain is decidedly ludicrous.

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